Lead-Free Automotive SLI Power

Lead-free technology

The patented technology behind the new battery from Ydun is based on the combination of supercapacitors and safe Li-ion (e.g. lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate) batteries in one unit.

Unlike in batteries, the supercapacitors store and release electrical energy as electric charge and not in the form of bound chemical energy. Therefore, the release of electric current does not require a chemical reaction to take place i.e. the current release is independent of temperature. The supercapacitors provide the necessary cranking current regardless of temprerature.

The Li-Ion Batteries will, at any normal vehicle driving temperature, from -30°C to +50°C, continuously refill the supercapacitors. They also serve as a reliable source of the necessary Reserve Capacity.

Thanks to the supercapacitors, almost all of this capacity is available as starting current. Furthermore, the supercapacitors will level out all the current peaks during the normal operation of the car battery.

Bearing in mind the sofisticated fuelsaving systems applied in today´s modern vehicles this gives ideal protection to the Li-Ion chemical cells thus ensuring their maximum lifetime.

The use of safe Li-Ion cells provides high values of Watt/kg and Watt/litre, which means that a battery with a standard capacity can be lighter and smaller with greater power, all this of course without any lead or other substances that are in conflict with the EU directive RoHS 2002/95/EC. MOSFET based overcharging/overdischarging protection is optionally built-in and makes the battery protected.

These facts mean that the battery is the first fully compatible GREEN substitute for standard car batteries. Properly dimensioned and designed, the Ydun solution provides ideal symbiosis solving many of the problems connected with the use of lead-acid batteries in SLI application.